We Plant Trees & Donate For a Healthier Ocean

As a token of appreciation to the Art we are able create here at Airpixelsmedia we are very happy be able to give back to Nature with our craft.

Together with you we can make a difference, A small impact on a giant task, ONE order with us plant 10 trees, ONE order with us contributes to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air.

As our planet is changing we believe it is absolutely essential to come together and act for a bigger purpose. In this case for Our planet and future generations.

We started this project by planting 1000 trees in Brazil and looking forward to see them grow aswell as put even more trees in the soil in the upcoming years.

We also fund and donate monthly to critical ocean projects and solutions around the globe in benefit for our climate & healthier oceans around the world.

We joined the tide 2018 - Donating monthly to Sea Legacy and looking forward to keep up with this commitment together with you.



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