About us

Welcome to Airpixels Prints & Fine Art - Where Photography Meets Worldly Inspiration

At Airpixels Prints & Fine Art, our passion for photography, interior design, and the Scandinavian aesthetic converges to offer an array of unique art print collections sourced from across the globe.

Our Story

Our journey commenced when Tobias, driven by an unwavering love for film and photography, acquired a drone. This innovation empowered him to capture vistas he had once only imagined, resulting in mesmerizing imagery. As public interest in Tobias' photography grew, his prints gained prominence in various retail outlets and exhibitions worldwide. The demand for an online art print shop soon emerged—a place to explore photography from the farthest corners of the world, showcasing diverse perspectives, patterns, and textures created by nature itself.

Today, Airpixels Prints & Fine Art stands as a family-owned business nestled in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. It is guided by the visionary and dynamic duo: photographer Tobias Hägg and Maria Ericson, responsible for branding and marketing.

Our Products

Our commitment to quality echoes in every facet of our work. Using high-quality paper and printing techniques, we ensure the creation of contemporary art prints designed to endure the test of time. Beyond creating art, we hold a deep reverence for nature. Our practice revolves around giving back to the environment through our craft. Monthly, we contribute to various environmental projects, planting trees globally through our artworks and supporting critical ocean initiatives and solutions worldwide.

Explore our collection of art prints - each a testament to the beauty and diversity of our planet, all captured with an artistic eye and a deep respect for the natural world.

Thank you for choosing Airpixels Prints & Fine Art as your gateway to a world of captivating photography and sustainable art.