About us

Airpixels Prints & Fine Art 

With a combined passion for photography, interior design and the Scandinavian aesthetic Airpixels Prints & Fine Arts invites you to a wide range of unique art print collections captured from all over the world. 

Our story

It all started when Tobias, who always felt passionate about film and photography, got himself a drone. This made it possible for him to capture what he could only have dreamed of before and the results was mesmerising. With a growing public interest for Tobias´ photography, the prints started selling at various retailers and got exhibited around the world. After a while the need for an online art print shop was a fact. A place where photography from the farthest expanses of the world, captured from different perspectives, with patterns and textures made by nature itself, could be explored. 

Today, Airpixels Prints & Fine Art is a family owned business, located in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Consisting of the visionary and dynamic duo, photographer Tobias Hägg and Maria Ericson, brand and marketing responsible. 

Our products

We use only high quality paper and printing methods, to ensure that we deliver contemporary art prints that will last for a lifetime. For us it's important that we give back to nature trough our craft. On a monthly basis we fund several different environmental projects for a more sustainable future; Airpixels Prints & Fine Arts plant trees in all of the world trough our artworks, We also donate to critical ocean projects and solutions around the globe.