Compose Your Art Wall

Art wall, poster wall, gallery wall – whatever you prefer to call it we are here to help you. Compose your wall of art from our collection of high quality print that matches your style and interior. Shop our suggested art prints or simply just use it as an inspiration to create an art wall with your favourites.

Earthy Neutrals

Sculptural sand formations in earthy, natural tones. Create a warm and comforting art wall with motifs from the sand dunes of the Namibian desert. The Oryx makes your art wall stand out as it creates a contrast with its black and white elements to the rusty tones.

This art wall consists of prints: Dunes of Namibia, The Oryx and Ocean of sand.


Two Opposites Make a Perfect Match

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the vast landscape of the North. Compose a fascinating art wall with contrast from the south to the north of Europe. With a colour match of pale yellow and orange, these prints create a combination that will immediately catch the eye.

This art wall consists of prints: Sarek - Rapa Valley and Autumn puzzle.


The Monochrome Winter Morning

The sun raises late, sparkling pearls on the white ground, a powdery mist covering the winter morning. A palette of white covering your sight, only colour change that appears is movement of shades. Create a minimalistic art wall with clean lines and monochromatic expressions, with inspiration from the Scandinavian design.

This art wall consists of prints: September pines and Winter classics.